Rafferty Energy System of Easing the Temporomandibular joint

 RESET is a simple, painless and effective technique that can be used to heal yourself and others. RESET directs healing energy through the muscles, nerves, and ligaments in the jaw to achieve a state of balance quickly and easily.


The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) influences the body as a whole, including the body’s skeletal, muscular, nervous, meridian systems and the body’s ability to utilize water. Hydration influences nerve impulse conduction, biochemical reactions, and the body as a whole, as water is the medium in which our bodies operate.
The slightest tension in the jaw muscles can alter the normal ‘balanced’ position of the TMJ. By relaxing the jaw muscles the TMJ is correctly reset. The TMJ plays a central role in cranial and spinal dynamics. When the balance is restored the body heals itself!


RESET has been known to help with:

Allergies    Headache

Arthritis    Hearing

Back problems    Hip problems

Bed-wetting    Jaw bite/pain

Bruxism    Learning/Dyslexia

Chronic fatigue    Migraines

Chronic pain    Muscular problems

Clicking jaw    Neck problems

Concentration    Relaxation

Dental work    Rheumatism

Detoxification    Shoulder problems

Digestion    Sinus

Earache     Sleeplessness

Ear pressure    Snoring

Feet/Ankles    Tinnitus

Grinding Teeth    Tummy aches