Reflexology is an ancient healing art that activates the body’s natural abilities to heal itself.Reflexology is based on the principle that there are energy zones that run throughout the body. Reflex areas in the feet correspond to all major organs, glands and body parts.

This unique foot treatment stimulates pressure points on the feet to bring balance to the whole body and increase circulation. This in turn promotes elimination of waste products and reduces tension thus providing relaxation and an increased sense of well being.

Reflexology is an adjunct or complementary therapy to traditional medical care. Reflexology practitioners do not diagnose illness or disease or prescribe medication. Reflexology is not a substitute for traditional medical care.

It is recommended that a physician be consulted for treatment of specific ailments.



Reflexology Can:
– Reduce Stress
– Reduce Pain
– Improve Circulation
– Remove toxins and impurities
– Promote relaxation
– Speed Healing
– Balance the whole system
– Promote preventative healthcare



Reflexology Helps:
– Infertility
– Fibromyalgia
– Chronic health issues
– Mental health issues
– Accident victims
and more!



Reflexology for Everyone:
– Babies
– Children
– Seniors
– Pregnant Women
– People with disabilities
– People with serious illness