Bach Flowers

Bach flower essences or remedies comprise a therapeutic system that uses dilutions of flower essences to balance physical and emotional disturbances. Dr. Edward Bach, a doctor and researcher, developed this therapeutic system of healing in England in the 1930s. Dr. Bach believed that the mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness.

Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine, each remedy serving to balance a specific emotional state. Like other energetic healing modalities, this treatment seeks to create balance in areas of energetic disruption. Bach Flower essences are flower based formulas made from blooms of healing plants. By transferring the energetic imprint of the plant, there is a shift of resonance within the energetic system. Bach Flower therapy treatment specifically addresses the emotional body of the energy system. Its purpose is to restore emotional harmony and balance to the entire system. 

Flower essences are natural remedies,
providing safe, effective and rapid relief, restoring emotional balance, harmony and vitality. The 38 Bach flower essences form a complete therapeutic system, treating every variety of human emotional imbalance. Bach flower therapy is a simple and natural method that opens a way to better health. Alone or in combination, flower essences provide relief and healing from the stress of everyday life. Bach flower therapy is a simple and natural method that opens a way to better health, for everyone at every stage of life.

If you are looking to live your life with a more positive attitude and feel change from the inside out-Bach flower essences can bring about this change.

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