What Do I Do At Sole-utions?

So now you know why I do what I do, but just exactly is it that I do, how does it work, and how do I do it?

Try this: Picture a wheel. There is a center of the wheel, and then there are spokes coming out of the center of the wheel, attaching to the outer rim of the wheel. In my practice, the concepts of ENERGY MEDICINE are at the center of the wheel.

1. The body contains healing intelligence and seeks to heal itself.

2. The body seeks balance.

3. Life force energy runs through energy pathways or meridians and is concentrated at chakras or energy centers. Disturbances or blockages in the meridians or charkas manifest as physical, mental, emotional or spiritual dis-ease. Energy medicine modalities seek to re-establish balance of chi along the meridians and the chakras.

4. As practitioners of energy medicine, we do not diagnose or prescribe. Rather we assess energetic flow and correct energy disturbances, imbalances or blockages in the system, using a variety of techniques and healing modalities.

5. Energy medicine helps the body’s energies to flow, in harmony and balance, creating an energetic environment that supports overall health and healing.

6. Physical symptoms can often provide clues about the types of energy imbalances in the body. Energy medicine assesses how the body’s energy flow impacts on specific medical conditions. Individual treatment protocols are customized to help boost the body’s energetic system in ways that help specific health conditions, since correction of energetic imbalances are the foundation of vibrant health and vitality.

7. There are 3 components to health: Physical, chemical and emotional. An imbalance in any one of these aspects affects the entire organism.

8. Emotions are energy. Over time, if disruptions in the energetic systems impacted by emotions are not addressed, physical symptoms and disease can develop.

9. Energy medicine modalities can be used as a complement to other systems of medical care or as a complete system for self-help and self-care.

(With credit to Donna Eden and David Feinstein, from the Handout Bank of the Energy Medicine Institute. To find out more about energy medicine, go to www.energymed.org).

This is the foundation or philosophic core of all the therapeutic modalities used at Sole-utions. Regarding the spokes of the wheel; these are made up of the various healing modalities practiced at Sole-utions: reflexology, kinergetics, energy psychology, aromatherapy and Bach flower essence therapy.

Come back soon for more information of the modalities.

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Who Am I, What Do I Do, How Do I Do It?

 This is the story that I tell my kids in answer to their question: Mom, how did you choose to work in the field of energy medicine? Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a husband and wife who wanted very much to have a family, but for unexplained reasons, the baby machine was not getting with the program. Though Mom had work experience in the health care field as an EMT and a medical transcriptionist, Mom-wannabe was feeling very raw and vulnerable as a result of close encounters of the medical kind with the established path to pursue pregnancy, so she started learning more about complementary modalities in her quest to make her dreams come true.

A wonderful chiropractor introduced Mom-Wannabe (MW for short) to a diagnostic tool called “applied kinesiology”. Using muscle testing as a feedback tool, the chiropractor was able to “read” the body’s “computer programming”, evaluating imbalances and making the corrections to the body’s energetic field.

This chiropractor educated MW, encouraging her to make appropriate dietary changes and improve the overall quality of diet and nutrition for both MW and DW (Daddy-Wannabe).

Instead of feeling victimized by her situation, MW rose to the challenge and learned to take responsibility for her own health and wellbeing. She read and read and read some more, learning a lot about natural health as well as pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding. MW was also supported in this journey by a homeopathically trained medical doctor and a very kind and patient obstetrician/gynecologist.

It took time, but one day MW and DW found out that they were no longer going to be in the Wannabe category!! MW and DW were introduced to the world of midwives, doulas, birthing centers and La Leche League. At League meetings, MW met other like-minded women who shared her desire to raise healthy children. These moms were committed to learning and growing, adding more “tools” to their parenting toolbox in order to meet their goals of healthy children/healthy families. Deep friendships were formed and Mom (the woman formerly known as MW) was gently supported while she and Dad learned how to be a family. With time, she “grew her mommy skin” and became comfortable and competent in her role as a mother.

During baby’s first year, Mom met a group of women who were training as doulas, or birth companions. Mom trained as a doula and a childbirth educator and began to help others on their parenting journey.

Over time, with the help of the homeopathic doctor and a natural pharmacist, Mom learned how to care for her growing family. She learned how to treat the common childhood ailments and health concerns with homeopathics, herbs, nutritional supplements and Bach flower essences. Mom became increasingly comfortable with this approach, learning when to rely on complementary healing modalities and when utilize the tools that the medical establishment had to offer, sometimes combining both approaches to optimize her family’s health and well-being.

And so the years passed with Mom learning more and more and adding tools to her Mommy tool-box, helping her family be healthy and well, and helping other moms do the same for their own families.

Until one day, Mom learned that one of her children was struggling with a serious health challenge. Once again, Mom was dealing with close encounters of the medical kind. Despite having much experience with both the medical establishment and with complementary healing modalities, this situation pushed Mom way out of her comfort zone, requiring new tools and perspectives in order to meet this new challenge.

The doctors at Johns Hopkins informed Mom that the medical establishment’s toolbox had very few tools with which to effectively deal with this particular situation. Mom was encouraged to seek out complementary therapy modalities to reduce pain and maximize function for her child. In pursuit of yet more new tools and healing perspectives, it was at that point that a new career as a reflexologist was born! So Mom morphed into a reflexologist, completing reflexology training and acquiring certification, taking additional workshops, learning about aromatherapy, EFT, Kinergetics and Bach Flower therapy along the way. Mom is very grateful for the gift of good health that these modalities have provided to her family.

And so it goes….Mom is now privileged to be able to help others meet their goals and share these tools with other people: People who do not define wellness by the absence of symptoms but rather who want to experience life with functioning at an optimum level. People who want to learn and grow in their understanding of health and wellness. People who desire to take responsibility for their own health, enjoying a vibrant sense of well-being. People who seek balance in all spheres: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This healing journey is to be continued……

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Welcome to Sole-utions

Check back on a regular basis for information regarding different modalities, testimonials, answers to your questions and therapy ideas. To start let’s give you a little more information about Sole-utions…

Sole-utions specializes in supportive techniques for the childbearing year, as well as, those struggling with chronic pain or other health issues and challenges.

All therapeutic modalities offered by Sole-utions are of a complementary or integrative nature, to be used in addition to other therapeutic modalities to enhance and boost effective healing. The modalities create an interactive dance with the body’s energetic system, manipulating and stimulating meridians and reflexes to detoxify, de-stress, tone, balance and energize every organ and energy system in the body, which unleashes the body’s natural healing abilities to restore harmony in both body and mind.

We practice an educational and self-responsibility model, supporting and encouraging clients to set health and wellness goals while providing clients with the tools and skills to meet those goals. These modalities used are not medical in nature, as we are not doctors or therapists, and thus we do not diagnose or prescribe.

We strongly recommend and encourage clients to consult with other health care practitioners as part of a comprehensive wellness program.

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